Pi Tech Labs


We are

US Based MNC with
Experience and Expertise

Best in class Hardware and Software Tools and Licenses

Helping Corporates saving Cost and
Time in Production Developments

Agile in Product Development
and Solutions 

Hardware and
Product Development


Planned Precision & Mark of Action
PIONEER and SIMPLIFY Automotive Industry’s access to Reliable, Speedy, Pre-Configured Wide Spectrum of Global Cutting-Edge Equipment Infra, and Professional & Managed Services.


Total Value to
Automotive Industry

Through On-Demand software design and development solutions and configured tools infra hub for OEMs, Teir1 and Service Providers. Also, enabling skill enhancement of enterprise's In-house employees through continuous corporate trainings.

By extending access to Innovative Start-Ups to our Lab and Tools Infra hub.



By providing exclusive access of young engineers who are 'Industry Ready' with cutting-edge technologies such as Automation, AI, Machine learning, Autonomous and Electrification (EV) cars, Cyber Security and Functional Safety.

Clients Trust

Design and
Testing equipment


Flexible Plans

Three Decades of
Technical Expertise

Value for Client

Sourcing and Financing Test Equipment Setup
Entire Test Equipment Lifecycle Setup
Options for Rent, Lease and Buy
Acquisition, Operation and Management to Optimisation

25% Cost Saving


Combination of Learning and Purchasing

Engineering Team

  • Fast access to the latest equipment from 1 year to several years 
  • Save time with independent application advice 
  • Reduce time to market with access to latest equipment 
  • Save time with all major vendors from one source 
  • Flexibility to extend, exchange or stop to meet needs 
  • Equipment calibrated and ready to same time 
  • Peace of mind with 24/7 tech support 
  • Notifications so you do not exceed budget

Purchasing, Operations & Finance

  • Avoid unnecessary costs and lower investment risk 
  • Pay for use not life and improve ROI 
  • Save capital by switching to OpEx 
  • Use latest equipment without any obsolescence risk 
  • Mix subscription/ leasing solutions to minimise cost 
  • Match, track and spread costs against projects 
  • Reduce number of suppliers, simpler to manage 
  • Lower cost of ownership, maintenance and calibration